Books can transform your business. But not just any books. I’m not talking about that “lawyer kit” library you see in all those legal eagle commercials. I’m talking about books people will actually read. Books that solve real world problems, answer pressing questions and offer vital information that your prospects and clients need RIGHT NOW. I’m talking about proprietary books – titles with YOUR name on the cover.


#1 – Books meet a need…right now.


Recent statistics have revealed that 80% of Americans do not regularly read for entertainment. But everyone reads when we need information. Whether a blog post, a product review or a helpful guide – people read. So, here’s the question you need to consider: how many people out there have needs you can meet right nowand have questions you can answer right now?


And…given these numbers, how much cash are you leaving on the table each time they get their answer from someone else? You need to be their source.


#2 – Books help YOU become the go-to expert…instead of your competition.


Information is not always reliable. Between the proliferation of misinformation online and mistaken information from “friends” most of us have learned that the hard way a time or three. But what if you could immediately offer your customers the right answer so that they did not need to look for answers in all the wrong places? What if you could teach them exactly what they wanted to know at exactly the right time? You would not just be offering a service. You would be that customer’s hero, an “expert” friend who not only answered a question, but also saved them a ton of time and money in the process.


With that going for you, why would your customer ever need to look anywhere else for answers? Of course, the same truth applies if your competition earns that “expert” title before you do.


#3 – Books provide an additional source of income…residual profit in your pocket.


Whether you opt for an easily downloadable eBook or a physical book, every one you sell translates into added respect and trust as well as additional income for you or your business. What could that income mean for you? Could you pay off bills sooner? Clear up some credit accounts? Update your equipment or business tools? Take for vacation?


No matter why you need the extra cash, the additional income from the sale of books will get you there faster. Plus, books can be a significant source of residual income for years after they have been written.


If you would like to Become Your Customer’s Source, to be known as an Expert in Your Industry, and to Earn Easy Residual Income, then you need a book with your name on it. I write those.

Let’s write one for you.




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