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Some favorite (mostly) eastern USA travel destinations.

Travel in the USA is one of my favorite things to do. I am always on the lookout for new and exciting United States travel destinations. So when I see a list of places I may not have been yet described as “must see travel destinations” I get excited. More for the list!

Recently the Business Insider published a list of “50 trips to take in the United States.” The list contained some great destinations, but overall it was a disappointment. Some of the “must go” spots were not even the best things to do in their states, much less the nation. Hey, I’m the first to admit that travel preferences are definitely subjective. But c’mon, man. The author was a former editor for Frommer’s.

But the article did get me thinking: “After 3 years of travel writing what are some of my favorite destinations ?” You can read about a few by clicking “TRAVEL STORIES” up there under Portfolio, or catch a teaser by clicking over to my Pinterest Account

What I want MOST for you to do is to tell me YOUR favorite USA travel destinations. Share a story, a favorite place or a travel tip in the COMMENTS below. Thanks!




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