Cross posting on various social media and news sites is a great FREE way to get your name and work out there. For example, each day the local digital newspaper in my community picks a comment from their thread as “Quote of the Day.”

This quote is places as a button link on the home page. I try to comment regularly – and I’m certain to be kind, professional and terse. Recently my comment was featured as quote of the day. Here’s a screen shot of the image:

Quote of the day!

What’s the big deal? Well, the link went back to my actual post, which featured a link to the article, which, in turn, links to several other articles on that site. In a matter of seconds, in the minds of all the folks who get their news from that site, I have gone from anonymous fellow poster to established travel writer. Nice!

And one more quick tip:

When including a link ALWAYS make sure your link opens in a new tab or new window. Your goal is to get them to click ON your new information, not to click AWAY from your current page.



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