Every year we watch a series of Christmas movies, at least one per night, on each December Friday leading up to Christmas. Through the years the list has ebbed and flowed, depending on the age of the kids, but there have always been a few favorites that make the cut every year. And, there have been a few additions. One of these, and one of my personal favorite Christmas movies, is The Polar Express.


The animation is amazing, the songs are catchy and the moral is solid. An all-around great story. Well, this past weekend was this year’s Polar Express Friday. We started the evening with the classic Charlie Brown Christmas (one of my all time favorites) and then popped Polar Express in.


As we curled up on the couch with our hot (hot, hot) hot chocolate(!) to watch, The Polar Express, a movie we’ve seen countless times I remarked that I can’t wait until our little guys are old enough to share these movies with us…their big brother, you see, is a bit “too old” these days. But his “old man” certainly is not.


I love the triumph over doubt that each kid faces as he contemplates climbing aboard the train. I love the conversation with the ghostly hobo who is all too real until the boy learns he may not quite be. The animation is, of course, incredible. One of my favorites segments is the roller coaster ride through the mountain pass. (I still can’t believe they haven’t made a ride out of that yet).


And, then, of course, there is the bell, the representation of faith, of confronting the truth that, even if you have seen, you can still forget to believe. All of us, I think, have, at one time or another, doubted what we knew to be true, questioned or forgot evidence previously gathered. That’s what causes friendships to wane, relationships to starve and talents to die on the vine. In short, forgetting to remember is what causes many of us to lose those things that make life worth living. Now, when I think about that, I think about the bell from Santa’s sleigh.


The movie is so good, I got to thinking…wonder if this is based on a book? Turns out, it is. A rather popular, well-awarded book by an author named Chris Van Allsburg. I already ordered it and plan to add it to next year’s holiday reading. If you might be interested, now’s a good time. Amazon’s running a sale. I saved 8 BUCKS. Here’s the link so you can too:



And, if you haven’t seen the move, you are really missing out. Check it out here:




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