As long as the current gun debate is controlled on one side by fear and the other by avarice We the People will never be presented with a common sense approach that works in our favor. Fear destroys logic and sense. Greed looks for a quick answer that is no solution at all. Both have been on display in Stay-puft Marshmallow Man dimensions in recent days.

The abject terror of both guns and, by extension, risk, demonstrated by some, even in positions of power, is akin to a child who, terrified of a loud noise, demands that his parents “make it stop.” I expect this sort of behavior from my three-year-old. When a member of Congress essentially says: “Guns are scary, make them go away!” it’s easy to  wonder if maybe everyone on Capitol Hill needs a nap.


The unilateral half-measure “solutions” promoted by the NRA and other gun rights groups appear to be little more than placebos that will do little to deter violent crime. Placating is not the same as offering workable and equitable solutions. Forcibly arming teachers is a non-starter. Even allowing them to carry presents undue issues. A few months back here in Florida one teacher was fired and, subsequently, arrested for trying to hire a hit man to kill a colleague who, he thought, had been speaking poorly of him. Lesson: You can’t fix stupid…and crazy isn’t always obvious.

From here it gets even hazier…

The media, which owns the sacred obligation to inform and protect the voting public, is entirely complicit in fomenting this divide, encouraging the fringe lurkers and irrational activists even to the extent of, in two cases, publishing the names and addresses of gun owners. While clearly a move to increase web hits, this crass application of the Freedom of Information Act directly endangers the children in these homes. While criminals now know where to “find” weapons, they do not know if these weapons will be locked up. It is conceivable, in this instance, that a properly locked and secured weapon could lead to a violent crime. Or a dead teenager who decides to attempt a crime of opportunity and meets force in a dark hallway.

Can we really trust a media to conduct a debate when the most visible “conversation” they can come up with is pairing an intentionally unhinged soapbox with a pundit who may just have the least journalistic integrity on two continents.


Alex Jones admitted he acts the way he does to get attention. Piers Morgan has been convicted of fabricating news. Not only do these Lowest Common Denominators have a platform, they were all anyone was talking about for a solid week. A week none of us will ever get back. Ever.


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