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This past Black Friday was, reportedly, good for both Amazon and its signature product, the Kindle eReader. According to Amazon, the sales of Kindle eReader tablets doubled when compared to sales numbers from Black Friday through Cyber Monday in 2011. Amazon credits this increase in large part to increased demand for the recently released Kindle Fire HD, the most gifted and wished for product on Amazon worldwide since its launch. In addition, the top four selling products at Amazon throughout Q4 of 2012 were all Kindles. In fact, according to Amazon, nine out of ten of the best-selling products worldwide since September 2012 are Kindles, Kindle accessories and digital content.

So, what does this mean for the publishing industry?

I won’t be making any dire prediction of the demise of print anytime soon. Digital content has yet to eclipse print books in sales, but the medium is making steady gains. While I do not believe that print will ever truly “die,” the industry will change…is changing.

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But this trend has experienced some hiccups. Prior to the holiday sales boom, some print purists were lauding the apparent lagging sales of Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook eReaders, but these folks forgot to factor in the galactic sales of two other tablet titans, the iPad (retina display) and iPad Mini. Both of these devices, though Apple products to the (literal) core, are easily compatible with Amazon’s digital books using the Kindle app, which is free through Amazon and in Mac’s App Store.

So, what does this mean for both readers and writers? In a word? Options. Readers can, increasingly, choose hardcover, paperback or digital. Writers can publish, traditionally or as independents, in all formats as well. The latter is a virtually (ha ha) free method for new authors to get their work out there, and a great option for established writers trying to meet their readers’ increasing expectations and demands.

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