Atlas Media Ink is pleased to announce the upcoming release of our latest ebook. “Ecuador in Your Pocket: Cities & Culture” is a one-of-a-kind travel guide, the first in a series of books that introduces readers, travelers and adventurers to the largely undiscovered exotic South American paradise that straddles the Equator.


Your tour guide for this journey is Alan Jarrett, an American expatriate who lived and worked in what he calls the “Jewel of the Andes” for over a decade. Here’s an excerpt:


“…Places like this are not supposed to exist outside the imaginations of the most gifted storytellers. Yet here it is, vibrant color and wild places. Thriving commerce and emerging industry. Stark, imposing ranges and warm, inviting smiles.


…A place where towering peaks hide misty mountain villages. Where steamy jungles are bisected by falling waters and molten volcanoes heat cleansing pools. Where rainbow-hued animals straight out of a storybook are commonplace and the coastline births the sort of consistent, glassy surf that becomes secret legend.


This is Ecuador. The savvy traveler’s South American dream. Exotic, breathtaking and wild. But also cosmopolitan, cultured and refined. This is a quiet country, largely undiscovered outside of the bigger cities. But tourists, adventure seekers and, even expats are enthusiastically welcomed…”


This is not your average “expanded brochure” travel guide. This is written from first-hand experience, a local’s perspective of the best and the brightest Ecuador’s landscape and lifestyle has to offer. 



With down to earth, practical commentary, tips and advice, vibrant photos and “quick glimpse” references, this is the guide will make you want to climb inside and explore Ecuador’s majestic mountains, lush jungles, mysterious villages and thriving commercial and cultural centers.



Escape the Black Friday stress with a virtual trip into another world that is really much closer than you think!









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