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I have been meeting people, going places, doing things and collecting stories for a lot of years now, and, if I’m being honest, it never gets old. While these links only offer a glimpse into my work, I believe you will get a good idea of the scope and style … and I hope you enjoy the journey.

I began my career in print media writing features and commentaries for various local and national publications. Here are a few you will enjoy:

At the Grand Canyon copy

20 Years 5 Kids & a 10 Ton Tomato Box

Lynette and Grace

Lady and the Scamp

Sue Henry travel pic

Sue Henry: Master of Mysteries & Mini Winnies


Remember the Girl From Windber


One highlight of my career folks always ask about is travel writing.

Yes, it is as fun, rewarding and exciting as you imagine it is. It takes a lot of work, planning and preparation, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t worth it.

Estero Island - eadamporter

Fort Myers: Estero Island


Wild Adventures in Toccoa, Georgia

night lights

Night of Shimmering Lights

An open stretch of shoreline copy

Henderson Beach State Park


Having fun? Why stop now! Flip through these magazine feature stories

BRV Summer 2010

Fort Desoto: The Majestic Fortress (page 6)

The Ghosts of Egmont Key (page 16)

BRV Fall 2010

Bok Tower Gardens (page 8)

A Taste of Tuscany (page 14)

One Family Indivisible (page 24)

BRV Fall 2011

Fall Foliage Tour (page 20)

For the Birds (page 36)

A Grand Adventure (page 42)


You Cannot Do This Job If…

You Cannot Do This Job If…

This morning, I received a message from an aspiring professional writer with a question. I thought their question, as well as their follow up to my initial response, were important, so I asked if I could share both their question and my answer.   Q:...

Thank you, Stan Lee… Excelsior!

Thank you, Stan Lee… Excelsior!

Stan Lee, Marvel Comics’ patriarch and father of innumerable modern legends, has died. He was 95, and, in nearly one century on this earth, Lee attained mythic status reserved for those who define industries, genres, and generations of childhoods. There is no doubt...

A Lasting Commission from LtCol Faircloth

A Lasting Commission from LtCol Faircloth

One of the highlights of my writing career was the day I got a call from LtCol H. Spencer Faircloth (Ret.), who wanted my help writing a book about his extraordinary life. Spence didn’t land at Normandy on D-Day. He was still a kid, back home in Georgia, collecting...

A prescription for better communication

A prescription for better communication

Seek first to understand. Stephen Covey (and others) said that, and I adopted it as my first rule of reporting. I hear from a lot of people — even politicians (hey y’all) — I write about, who tell me they respect my reporting, even when they feel stung by it. That...

Deepen the Divide… or Bridge the Gap?

Deepen the Divide… or Bridge the Gap?

A friend posted a comment about the strange nature of politics lately. Things do seem to be stranger than fiction these days, and I see it getting more, not less, bizarre, at least in the short term. Thing is, this situation has been building for decades, and it’s...

What can we do about school shootings?

What can we do about school shootings?

Everybody's talking... Contrary opinions like tracers flashing across the night sky in a war zone. We need to Do Something about school shootings. Of course we do. But are we willing to do what really has to be done to create a catalyst for authentic change? Yes, we...