Embracing the Call cover artI’m proud to announce that my client, Rev. Betty Beach-Connell, recently published her VERY FIRST BOOK! This is a watershed moment in any writer’s life, but even more so in Betty’s. For her, the book, Embracing the Call, is the next step in a new chapter in a life that has been challenging, colorful and inspiring.

Here’s a synopsis of the book.

There a link to buy it, in paperback or for Kindle, below.

Embracing the Call is the true story of what can happen when an imperfect woman discovers a perfectly gracious God.

Rev. Betty Beach-Connell is a retired pastoral minister in the United Methodist Church. Born and raised in New York State, Betty served churches in the New York Annual Conference for 28 years.


But that’s just part of the story

From her idyllic early life in rural New York, to her troubled teens and the young love that nearly destroyed her, Betty’s journey to the Lord is one any woman can relate to. It is the unvarnished truth confessed by a dear friend, a tale of human limitations and God’s limitless grace.

Embracing the Call is the story of a life split in two by a day of reckoning that changed one woman’s path in life and created a legacy that has touched three generations. And it is the tale of a shining example of what can happen when you stop guessing, say “yes” to God and discover your own divine Call.

From farm girl in a frilly dress to an abused young woman lost in love to a single mother struggling to survive, Betty’s life before ministry is every bit as compelling as her pioneering struggle as a woman called by God to embrace a role church tradition, doctrine, family and friends would have denied her.

But she persevered, she listened to God’s voice and found in her calling a life of joy and fulfillment unlike any she could have ever expected. Read “Embracing the Call” and let Betty’s story encourage and inspire you to let go of your past, grab on to God and embrace His Call on your own life.

Young or old, there are no limits. Because God has no limits. Let me encourage you to take that first step, and watch Him amaze you.”  – Rev. Betty A. Beach Connell

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