Photo courtesy AP/Chattanooga Times Free Press

Photo courtesy AP/Chattanooga Times Free Press

An altercation between two students at an Atlanta-area middle school escalated when one of the students produced a gun and began firing shots. Another student, an un-named 14-year-old was wounded in the neck and was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital. Police spokesman, Carlos, Campos said the wounded boy was “alert, conscious and breathing.” 

The shooting happened at Price Middle School, just south of downtown Atlanta. As police and terrified parents converged on the school, the drama inside was being brought to a close by a school resource officer. The officer, who was armed but off-duty, confronted and disarmed the shooter. One report said the resource officer was employed at the school. Another said this was unclear. 

What is, however, crystal clear, is that an armed professional on campus prevented further tragedy. What is less clear and must be immediately addressed, are the following:

Where did the middle school boy get that gun and how did he have access to it?

How did he get it past the school’s metal detectors?

Information for this post gathered from CBS News and the Associated Press.





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