Back from vacation. Let’s check the news:

In weather: California took a break from constant fires to try some earthquakes. Scary stuff. Hope everyone is okay. Meanwhile, there’s a developing storm system in the Gulf that decided to skip the summer road trip all the way across the Atlantic and formed up close to land. Here’s hoping it goes away.

In Politics: Trump wants to invite the media to the border for a ‘guided tour,’ because he doesn’t like the media reports about the border. That seems legit. Also, a lot of folks, including a few duly elected politicians, still can’t or won’t differentiate between the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. This remains troubling.

In other political news, responding to recent Trump gaffes, an unpopular trade war, an out of control budget deficit, and rising tension in the ME, the DEMs have organized another circular firing squad.

In Sports: Despite six Gold Cup tournament wins and an open net for international superstar Jozy Altidore, the USMNT still can’t beat Mexico. Congrats to the USWNT for their continued dominance. Congrats especially to Megan Rapinoe. Truly epic showing this Cup. I’m sorry CNN just compared you to Michael Jordan. That never ends well. And a belated congrats to North Dakota State, which won 7 of the last 8 NCAA D1AA National Championships.

To keep the soccer theme going, it seems Kaepernick is still scoring own goals; and a bunch of people threw up a red card over a black mermaid. Calm down folks. The only time to get upset over a fish is when the waiter says it’s grouper and it’s obviously not.

In Entertainment: There’s a new season of Stranger Things breaking records for Netflix, so folks have finally stopped complaining about Game of Thrones. In related news, poor Will. He’s not even missing, and he’s still invisible.

And that’s wrap on headlines. Time to get to work.



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