Why start a creative writing blog? Don’t you have enough to do? I get asked this from time to time. I guess the implication is, shouldn’t you be focused on your day job? Well, since creative and commercial writing is my day job, to me, a blog is a necessary extension of that work. A creative writing blog has definite benefits for my readers, my clients and for me.


Here is how a creative writing blog benefits my readers:

When an author or writer you appreciate gives you a chance to interact, you can create some pretty amazing synergy. You get to know a little bit more about them, and they get to know a little bit better what their fans are looking for. For a guy who understands full well that many folks read my work because they would like to be doing what I’m doing, a creative writing blog not only gives them the chance to see me as a real person, it also reminds them that, if I can do it, so can they. I love this “reachability” aspect of blogging. It pulls back the curtain a bit and reassures folks that, they too, can be “the wizard.”


Here’s how a creative writing blog benefits my clients:

In my blog I frequently have the opportunity to introduce people to my clients or to promote their work in this space. This gives them a leg up on promotion and introduces them to an entirely new audience.

My clients can also crosslink their blogs or web pages to this one, creating cross marketing opportunities. And, if they work in an industry that compliments creative writing, they could, potentially, submit a guest blog.


Here’s how a creative writing blog benefits me:

A creative writing blog allows me to not only work in the industry, it allows me to discuss the industry as a whole. Its direction, achievements and newest innovations.

A creative writing blog introduces me to folks who may not ever meet me otherwise. I can exchange information, share resources and develop relationships.

A creative writing blog allows people to easily re-post my blog content on social media or other creative writing websites.

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