This morning, I received a message from an aspiring professional writer with a question. I thought their question, as well as their follow up to my initial response, were important, so I asked if I could share both their question and my answer.


Q: “What is the most challenging and rewarding aspect of your work?”

A (part 1): “Staring into the blank void of a clean page, knowing that if I don’t come up with something coherent, creative, and compelling, my family will not eat.”

A (part 2): “Accomplishing that task again and again, every day, then buying food and shelter with the results of that work.”


Their Follow up Q: “But what about writer’s block?”

A: “You cannot do this job if you believe in writer’s block.”


They have yet to respond to that follow up, but I hope they get the point. Our beliefs often limit our options. No one has ever accomplished anything believing it could not be done. And, in this case, the monsters are only real if you let them be.




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