I write stories, and I help other people tell better ones.

Good stories are entertaining. Great stories are transformational.

So, yes, that’s me on a sailboat. And, yes, I’m taking notes. Of course, five minutes before this photo was taken, I was standing at the bow rail, leaning into the wind like DiCaprio in Titanic, watching the sun sink toward the horizon.

Now, take another look at that image. I’m at work. Yes, seriously. And, yes, I am grateful. I’ve worked in offices, and I’ve worked in crawl spaces and attics. Working on sailboats and in National Parks is a lot more fun. But you know what really charges me up? It’s not the geography or the surroundings. Not really. It’s the people. Because that’s where I find the stories.


How Long Have I Been Telling Stories?

The short answer is “always.”

I cannot honestly remember a time before I started telling stories, but I didn’t start selling them until I was 19. Since then, I have written print books and eBooks, fiction and nonfiction, news, human interest stories, travel features, video scripts, YouTube characters, websites, blogs, and the occasional shrimp shack menu.

I am currently the Editor in Chief of NOKP Media, which publishes The News of Sun City Center and South County, and the President of Atlas Multimedia Productions (dba Atlas Media Ink), a writing and editing firm. The common thread connecting each of these projects is the power of story.

Whether you are leading readers through a chaotic battle that feels so real they can smell the smoke, writing an in-depth comparison of travel trailer tow hitches, interviewing the Vice President, or relating the memories of a hero who helped rebuild Europe, the words must create a connection. Everything rises and falls on the power of story.


Read Some of My Recent Stories

A Higher Call

A Higher Call

“A Higher Call” by Adam Makos is an honest, intense, and expertly crafted book. It is, without reservation, one of the best historical books I have ever read. An exceptionally detailed, exquisitely rich picture of life both during and after World War 2. It...

Henderson Beach State Park

Henderson Beach State Park

Destin, Florida, on the northern end of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida’s Panhandle, is a haven for vacationers looking for exciting water sports and family fun. And, if you would rather slow it down and relax your days away, there is no better spot in...

Spell Check Two-Step

Spell Check Two-Step

In their preschool years, of my boys’ favorite shows was a PBS educational cartoon called Super Why. The four main characters in the show, the “Super Readers,” are storybook characters with reading-based super-hero alter egos. One of the characters in the show is...

So, What Can I Do for You?

Writing & Editing Services

Your Best Possible Author Bio

One-on-one interview, up to one hour, and a ready-for-prime-time bio suitable for your author website, blog, social media, and book cover; as well as your Elevator Bio for networking, press releases, and pitches.

Developmental Editing

Fundamental story structure including setting, characters, plot, pacing, and consistency

Line Editing

Style, structure, language, ideas, transitions, flow, and tone

Copy (Text) Editing

Grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency, and syntax

Business Services

The More Awesome About Page

First impressions matter, but many people share the wrong information on their About Page. Or, they share the right information in a less-effective way. Remember, it’s all about story. Let’s capture yours and tell the world.

Web Content

Product and service descriptions, blogs, downloadable sales docs, and lead capture form content are just some of the ways I can help you increase your customer connections. I also write warm, connective team bios to increase customer trust.


Industry-specific articles, interviews, and topical content to answer questions and build brand reputation

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