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“I am a storyteller. Fortunately, that is also what I get paid to do.”

Whether you landed here looking for a good read or you have a story of your own to tell, I would love to help you make that happen.

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Whether you are interested in reading one of my stories or you have one of yours to tell, we need to talk.

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For print, web or any other application, content remains king. I'm a professional kingmaker.

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Get to know the destination before you go or learn about somewhere you've never been.

Recent posts

Don’t Comment on This

Veteran blogger Andrew Sullivan announced he is hanging it up. That’s a watershed moment for new media. If you are unfamiliar with Sullivan, he is a hugely popular online content originator who began daily digital …

Proud of my most recent published client

I’m proud to announce that my client, Rev. Betty Beach-Connell, recently published her VERY FIRST BOOK! This is a watershed moment in any writer’s life, but even more so in Betty’s. For her, the book, …

The Law of Unintended Consequences

This is a piece I wrote for The Brandon Beacon. You can read it in its entirety at the link below.
Veterans arrested at Vietnam Memorial in NYC
Veterans arrested at Vietnam War Memorial in NYC (video)
On, …

Marco Tempest reveals the Magic of storytelling

To enjoy being deceived an audience must first suspend its disbelief. The faith in the fictional is essential for any theatrical experience. 

Memorial Day 2013

Last week the world watched, horrified, as twisted and evil men shouted their “reasons” for ambushing and murdering a British soldier.
Lee James Rigby, murdered in Woolwich in May 2013, taken on his wedding day in …

Variety – A freelance writer’s secret to success

Variety can be challenging, but it is a terrific way to grow as a writer. In a given day I may work on a novel, a nonfiction book, a travel story, marketing copy, social media …

What my clients are saying

  • "Adam is one of the brightest young minds I've had the pleasure of working with. Long form or short; great stuff. I highly recommend him." -- Steve Gustafson, Owner, Gustafson Marketing & Consulting, Inc.

  • "What a great job, not only as a writer but as a photographer too!" -- Dr. Crickette Todd, President

  • “The phones are ringing off the hook! We appreciate all your help!” -- Cassie Jacoby, Marketing Director

  • “Thank you for helping to make our latest issue the best one ever!” -- K. Kozimor, Magazine Editor

  • "Adam and I did some business together and I found him to be a man of integrity and honor. I highly recommend Adam on a personal and business level." -- John Buckles, Professional Speaker & Promoter